Author: Aaron D. Campbell

In Support of Stronger Passwords – Not Secret Usernames

I can discover usernames in WordPress, which means I’m halfway to compromising an account. It’s a common security report. The details vary – sometimes they find usernames through CSS classes, sometimes they’re using enumeration, sometimes it’s from a REST API endpoint – but the real problem is that the underlying logic is flawed. WordPress has […]

The Difficulties of Security Disclosure

Security is ever a game of balance. Ease of use against safety is the one I find myself thinking about most often; locks on your door inconvenience you with having to get out your keys, long and unique passwords necessitate working with a password manager, two factor requires additional equipment and steps. Most often adding […]

Joining GoDaddy as a Full-Time WordPress Core Contributor

Today is my last day at iThemes. It’s been a great two years, and I’ve learned a lot. I’m very appreciative of my time here and I will absolutely miss all the people. If you haven’t checked out iThemes or had the chance to meet Cory, Matt, or any of their amazing team, you definitely […]